Cooperative degree programme? Ingenious combination.

Can't decide between vocational training and university? No problem, you don't have to. The Otto Group's cooperative degree program helps you to combine the two – theoretical know-how from your studies and practical skills from several week-long internships and work-semesters.

Cooperative degree programme

You can chose between two degree programmes: Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (HSBA) or Bachelor of Science in Business Information Technology.

Particularly dedicated trainees get the chance to do part of their programme abroad – and if you excel you may even qualify for a foreign exchange scholarship. Along with the Hamburg School of Business Administration and the Elmshorn Nordakademie you can study at an international university for a whole semester. However, these opportunities are extremely popular and therefore limited to a few outstanding candidates.

Sounds good? It gets even better. In contrast to an ordinary university programme you'll be earning money right from the start. You'll receive a trainee stipend – and we will pay for the tuition fees, of course.

Convinced? Then it's your turn to convince us that you are the right candidate for one of the spots. You can find current offers on the cooperative degree programme in our training exchange.


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